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hi my name is gwen
my biggest inspirations musically are animal collective, ajj, bedbug, tyler the creator, phil elverum, slowdive, frank ocean, neutral milk hotel, duster, jordaan mason, merzbow, nine inch nails, and built to spill
i really like the work of artists like joan miro and most vaporwave artists
my favorite movies are blade runner and baz luhrmann's romeo + juliet
i own three white belts, i only wanted one
im some flavor of leftist/socialist but i don't know yet
and i make lots of music

one of my bands is named floral tattoo
another is called noël, its just me at the moment
i also make solo music mainly under the name of AHX but occasionally under other names, such as my own and MSPAINTHELLCORE
and that's all you really need to know. sorry if i bum you out

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